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20091112_KG0I0345-353 Paris Las Vegas.jpgFrench Castle 4168Cobblestones 20071006_KG0I3777 (88621760)Toledo CRW_6840 (10863560)20060314_KG0I0221 (58123684)20080323_KG0I6353 (94590201)Italian Bike 20071006_KG0I3877 (88621798)New York City 20071004_KG0I3612 (88229185)San Juan Capistrano CRW_2703 (23061823)KG0I1231 (35039463)San Miguel De Allende KG0I1491 (50696888)Sharp Corner 20071006_KG0I3890 (88621802)Steps in Green 20071006_KG0I3839 (88621791)20060516_KG0I6866 (60319583)Mission Inn Riverside KG0I2357 (44535216)Mysterious Stairs CRW_3548 (32840449)San Miguel De Allende KG0I1764 (43540237)San Miguel De Allende KG0I1509 (50696895)Stepping Down 20071006_KG0I3835 (88621789)Tel Aviv KG0I1616 (35096245)

Guestbook for Architecture
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. I didn't want to lose these precious comments.

Rosemarie Kusserow 11-Sep-2009 20:35
Amazing architecture gallery, I enjoyed your so beautiful compositions, Rosemarie :o) vVv

Michael Tauber 15-Oct-2008 05:52
Super gallery!!!

Yulia Smirnova 01-Jul-2008 11:48
Great gallery with a lot of interesting details!

trance_mama 27-Feb-2007 01:11
So clean! so good

Richard Calmes 12-Oct-2006 23:27
Another great gallery! Strong graphics and great compositions! Definite vote!

Luisa Migon 11-Oct-2006 14:01
Great eye and shots!

JOSE MATA 07-Oct-2006 14:12

Ken Chambers 18-Oct-2005 17:51
Photo-art in it's purest form.

Phyllis Stewart 16-Oct-2005 06:46
Fabulous gallery! Voted.

SimplePhotography 14-Oct-2005 03:52
Very, very original. Earns my vote.

A. J. French 19-Mar-2005 20:32
an amazing gallery, I love it how each shot has either perspective or form or a sense of minimalism ... all of them are very good

Elsie 06-Feb-2004 07:48
Incredible compositions!! I recognize many of these places from my own personal travels. I'm feeling flooded with nostalgia and overwhelmed by the beautiful photography.

Etan Rozin 03-Feb-2004 20:58
I wish this gallery was mine...

Abba Richman 16-Dec-2003 11:38
Yuval - This is beyond good!!!

Bruce Cotsonas 12-Dec-2003 17:46
Dear Dr. Harel,
This is a stunning collection of architectural photographs. You have a great eye!
Bruce Cotsonas

Wendy O 26-Jun-2003 14:56
I love the variety in this gallery. Every one a great shot, very interesting.

chuso 24-Jun-2003 05:19
Hello Elazar,
I really enjoyed this gallery...You have done a great job in capturing the essense of the architectural details and angles...Beautiful work on the compositions.
With regards,

Franz Bauer 23-Jun-2003 21:14
Hi Elazar,in your gallery are interesting and well done architecture shots of many different places,thanks for sharing
Regards Franz Bauer