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Modified 23-Apr-19

Airborne Dancer 20051211_KG0I2323 (54402616)20090217_KG0I1068bw (110632772)Alfama CRW_3502 (32840438)Smoking Freckles CRW_7911 (27381975)Cowgirl CRW_5477 (19297719)Pigeon (5794713)CRW_2239 (4239865)Anything to say (5794953).jpg20091112_KG0I0436bw1.jpgSan Juan Capistrano CRW_2797 (23061832)Swirl CRW_5412 (19297701)Girona 827920070929_KG0I2197 (86532196)KG0I9066 (42672831)CRW_7919_bw (21179922)KG0I9433 (52534942)20080102_KG0I1679bw (110632767)Bobbin Lace Maker 20080505_KG0I0793 (97494891)20060921_KG0I5630bw (68204649)Swimmer in Red 20071207_KG0I9432 (90626030)

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Joyce Hewitt(non-registered)
These are breathtaking and what wonderful colors. I love all of them. Hope all is fine with family. Please say HI to everyone. Love Joyce
I’m a Brazilian oil painting artist, although my field is not photography, I’m very often find myself taking shots that will inspired me to create an art piece. I have to tell you that I was really impress with your dancers’ photo galleries. I am amazed how you capture cold & warm lights in a complementary and harmonies way. You bring powerful profiles alive… My favorite shots are those from the Jant-Bi Compagnie. You really tight up: light, shape and movement in an amazing composition.
Outstanding shots. The field of photography should be proud of having you there.
Thanks for sharing with me your art.