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20060119_KG0I5711 (55247724)20080323_KG0I6353 (94590201)Balboa Park San Diego CRW_4717 (18627136)Alfama CRW_3502 (32840438)Fireplace 20061208_KG0I4873 (72270986)KG0I0614 (42672810)KG0I0779 (42725533)Old Town San Diego CRW_1953 (22541950)San Juan Capistrano CRW_2763 (23061827)San Juan Capistrano CRW_2797 (23061832)Rust Beauty KG0I1776 (50696946)20060428_KG0I3771 (59769397)20060428_KG0I3788 (59769408)20060516_KG0I6889 (60319588)20060930_KG0I7030 (68819043)20070804_KG0I7324 (84251400)20070902_KG0I8686 (85258993)20070929_KG0I2203 (86532209)20070929_KG0I2364 (86532324)20070929_KG0I2382 (86532331)

Guestbook for Objects
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. I didn't want to lose these precious comments.

David P Mc Call 19-Oct-2006 22:31
You have a GREAT gallery!!!
Color A+++ Composition A+++
You are a Master Photographer!!!
David P Mc Call

Rene Hales 21-May-2005 12:04
Unique and interesting images--Rene

Pedro Correia 29-Apr-2005 20:39
Nice Gallery.
Excellent Pictures, Lot of creativity.

steven bendrick 25-Apr-2004 19:16
Your photos are a real pleasure. The composition is well thought out.
Thank you for sharing.

Anabela Gabriel-Astrom 25-Apr-2004 08:25
You certainly have a good eye!
Lots to learn from you:-)
Gets my vote!

Jal 26-Jan-2004 21:31
Your galleries are a joy to watch. Each image is unique. You are a master at composition.
I do learn a lot from your work.

Andrew Sandstrom 08-Aug-2003 05:43
I love this gallery - simple and colorful. What lens are you using? The clarity is stunning.

Kitra Cahana 12-Dec-2002 19:19
beauty in the simple. thank you