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Guestbook for Gray Hair
Elazar Harel Photography
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Jayashrii [email protected] 06-Feb-2010 04:33
These are wonderful. I look great with my hair long and white. I could send you a photo or you can see my Facebook photo. I'm looking for a photo to help convince a friend with long super-curly hair to stop coloring it but haven't found what I am looking for yet. Keep adding photos; I'll keep checking out this site!

Alta [email protected] 09-Jan-2010 20:53
Thanx for wonderful photos.Keep it up. I am 56, and have been colouring for the past 10 yrs. 2 Months ago I got fed up and had it cut down to the regrowth (about 2cm).It has grown a little and I get so many compliments, telling me I'm looking younger. Dark grey/black at the back, with nice silvery grey in the front. It's so liberating--- I love it!! Viva silver-haired people!

Deb [email protected] 07-Jan-2010 16:03
I stopped dyeing my hair in my late forties. When it was all grown out I cut it short but realized that I really wanted it long. After two years it is almost to my waistand is very light gray. I love it. Every once in a while I am told I have beautiful hair, especially when it's in a french braid. Don't be discouraged when growing out your gray, you will be happy in the end.

Adelle 23-Dec-2009 09:19
Oh - I love this so much. Seeing people who have been able to keep their integrity, and have not stopped radiating their own personal light into their senior years is a truly joyful vision. Their faces say "this is who I am and I like being me".

Pamela 28-Oct-2009 13:51
I went looking for a site on going grey, after a few comments were made about how my grey has aged me. I will be turning 55 in Jan./10 & my husband is a very young looking man & 5 years younger than myself. Grey comes in early within the family genes,therefore I have been colouring since early adulthood.
It was lovely for me to come across this site! I would agree with anothers comment that younger people need to be shown,as well, to help take away the stigma that grey hair comes only as an aging process. Thank you.
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. Didn't want to lose these precious comments.

Susan 14-Sep-2009 02:33
I love this site, very inspirational. I'm 52, independent and strong. I'm tired of looking like everyone else and want my own hair; charcoal with light gray. Who cares what other people think?? It takes courage to be yourself against the 'popular' mainstream thinking.

Guest 28-Jul-2009 18:36
Wow. I actually know one of the ladies you have pictured (right-hand column, 9th down). This is an old photo, and she has more white now, but she is every bit as classy, strong, and intelligent as she looks. :) I am one who started greying as soon as puberty hit. It's hereditary. I agree with another poster, it would be nice to see a few photos of younger people rocking the grey. It's important for younger people finding it hard to cope with premature grey to know that they don't have to be fearful, and they won't look old. Few people think I should colour it, and most think it's great. I've been stopped in the street by strangers who just have to compliment it. I've always loved it and been very proud to be so different. I coloured it last year, just for fun (not to hide), but have hated the loss of quality, and the endless upkeep. I so miss my white streaks and icing, and am growing it all back out, quick as I can!

Ada 29-Jun-2009 14:24
I love this!!!!! I let my gray hair grow out when I was 56 (am 59 now) and I have been so happy to be true to myself. I receive constant compliments on my hair, esp as it rapidly approaches all white. My husband loves it, my daughter loves it, and I love it. As someone else said, thank you for seeing the beauty in these faces! (love the koala)

Kitty 24-May-2009 06:15
Love the photos. My favourite grey "style icon" is Emmylou Harris. As I've always had long very dark brown hair & am now going grey rapidly I've decided to quit dyeing & go silver.

Marilyn 23-May-2009 17:26
This is one of my favorite galleries on pbase. Love to see the updates to it. I'm currently in the process of growing out my hair (I'm 39 and have been premature gray since 19, and been coloring it off and on) and ready to see what it looks like. This gives me a lot of inspiration. Some of the most beautiful faces on pbase. V

Rosemarie Kusserow 11-May-2009 16:44
Enjoyable gallery, I like your portraits, especially I like the grey animals, wonderful collection, vote, Rosemarie :o)

silver46 10-May-2009 02:53
Like I always say, " Gray is a COLOR!" In a day and age where the color gray gets bad press, it is so refreshing to see positive, lovely images! If you are someone considering embracing your gray, look no further than Here you will find a virtual "silver revolution"! Women of every age, color and profession, living proof that going gray can absolutely be looking great!

Guest 07-May-2009 00:52
Thanks for posting this!

Susan 28-Mar-2009 02:54
What a lovely page - and there are many women on here that are truly inspirational models for graceful, unique aging. I dyed my hair for years, finally decided to test the water in my 50s by going back to my natural colour - only to discover that I am blessed with an interesting natural colour pattern (gray/silver framing my face, dark brown on the crown and back). People often compliment me and ask me how I get my hair to look that way! (I suspect I owe this distinctive pattern to my dad.)

Guest 22-Mar-2009 12:24
It's a relief...we're beautiful enough (and more) as we are. I'll come back to this gallery for encouragement and inspiration. Thank you

kathy 03-Mar-2009 17:21
i am so proud of the gray in my hair,i don't want to ever cover it up!i am 44 and it may not be completely gray but it is enough that i get asked if i'm a new senior citizen! laugh! i do have more than my mother in law,who still colors hers,and when i went to visit my mother in the hospital,i was asked if i was her mother that truly does make me feel good because my life events has earned me the right to have everyone of those gray hairs!my husband,45,is completely gray and bald and is to very proud of them!look at the photos,see the gracefulness in each face young and old,i consider myself very fourchant to be among them!thank you for reading my longwinded comment.

Marilyn 18-Feb-2009 16:35
Gorgeous gallery full of beautiful faces and personalities! Such is real life and beauty. I would love to see more like this.

Guest 13-Jan-2009 22:49
Albq nm, i just turned 30 yrs old and i found about 20 gray hairs and i am not big on dying my hair. I want to pull them out but i dont think thats a smart thing to do but on the other hand i dont feel old so why should i look it but i dont want to look like a bleach head NOWAY!!!!!!! so i will just learn to love my gray hair.

Guest 20-Sep-2008 18:12
I love this!
Check this out too:

Seena 01-Aug-2008 02:08
I am 52 years young and I let my gray hair grow out since last November. I was dying it black for years. I had enough. Now it is very short and salt and pepper. I love it. I get a lot of compliments. People have told me that I look younger also.
Brooklyn New York

Lilli 09-May-2008 01:24
I have long been fascinated with long grey hair. At 73, healthy,sexy, active and a hippie grandma, I wear my hair to my waist. Although I low lighted for many years, now I leave my hair natural and love it. I never wanted to look like everyone else.

Peggy 09-Feb-2008 00:25
My natural hair color is auburn. However, I have been dying it for the last 25 years. I decided that I wanted to go natural and let my gray hair grow in. Of course, I refused to have half red hair and half gray hair and so I wshaved my hair. It is very short right now and I am waiting to see the results. I am taking photos along they way with hopes of writing a book about my experience. I am only 43-years old but I think our world is out of trying to look perfect. This is the main reason I decided to go gray.

Going Gray 21-Jan-2008 08:32
This is beautiful! Would love to feature this on our blog!

Heather Skinner 02-Oct-2007 09:48
just decided to let my brassy died colour grow out and at 56, I am starting to feel liberated as I see some pretty white coming through at the front around my face,and grey starting to appear through the rest of my hair. I am fit ,healthy, middle age gowing grey and proud of it! Go natural ladies is what I say, and be proud to be yourselves.... from Heather....

mathilda williams 02-Oct-2007 01:45
excellent idea and gallery.
well done!

Barbara Meredith 09-Sep-2007 01:37
This is one of the most interesting concepts for a gallery that I've seen on pbase, and I think the photos are all beautiful, as are the subjects of the photos.

guest 01-Jul-2007 18:02
I actually started graying when I was in my 20's. I just went full-gray and am falling in love. Do you have pictures of "younger" people turning gray?

Olivia Wills 26-Jun-2007 07:20
I finally found your site and I believe in my long grey hair. I too refuse to cut my hair just because it is grey. I have people coming up to me all the time and telling me how unique my hair is. Miss Clairol has nothing on me and I refuse to get my towels ruined because I cannot squirt the dye in the right direction. Also I want to change the stereotype of the little old lady with the short kinky permanent with a purple rinse.

susan kirk 07-Jun-2007 03:22
love it but I think you need more pictures of women with long gray hair. I refuse to dye my hair to comply with the cosmetic coprorations' fantasy vision of beauty when they are only interested in making more money for themselves. I started getting gray hair was I was 16, now I'm 55 and I LOVE MY LONG GRAY HAIR. I get compliments on my hair all the time and some women even come up to me and tell me that they wish they had the fortitude that I have. it's easy, just honor who you are and where you have arrived in your life.

Patricia Cavanagh 13-Mar-2007 20:22
oh boy, is this wonderful and fun and beautiful and grey! Thanks for the extended exploration of a word many people fear...

enny jameson 15-Feb-2007 18:12
grey is beautiful excellent work.

Guest 17-Jun-2006 12:59
Some of them are really unique. (2nd row fourth frame). a social grace all her own.

Phyllis Stewart 16-Oct-2005 06:48
Outstanding collection! Voted.

Remi Aerts 08-Jun-2005 05:42
very intresting work
i like your great fantasie

Umberto Pini 28-Feb-2005 19:13
You have a great phantasy!
Wonderful portraits (I also am a gray man)
Many compliments- Umberto

Ted McCaleb 21-May-2004 02:57
Great work, I see my self in these photos.

Phil 18-May-2004 10:48
Excellent work, dignity, fun, zest for life, go grey power! regards

Guest 04-May-2004 10:19
Great gallery - I really enjoyed the pictures.

Eyal Dor-Ofer 07-Apr-2004 09:28
Great gallery.

Anabela Gabriel-Astrom 29-Feb-2004 19:36
Wonderful. gray is beautiful:-)

Marianne Venegoni 20-Jan-2004 05:10
Hi, I love this album, your idea is fantastic.

Marisa D.L. 18-Jan-2004 19:49
Delightful gallery!
I voted you immediately, it's delicate, gently meanigful, rich of talent and, luckily also least you spared me a serial of macro photos of roses or a lot of pictures of usual tourist sights. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
It's cretivity together with skills.
Enthusiastically yours

Donna 09-Oct-2003 02:06
Thanks for seeing the beauty in all faces at all ages.

Wendy O 09-Oct-2003 01:19
Great! Glad you included the critters!

Denise Dee 09-Oct-2003 00:40
i love this gallery. i cast my vote. thanks, denise