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Airborne Dancer 20051211_KG0I2323 (54402616)Inbal Pinto 20060510_KG0I4573 (60646013)CRW_3705bw (23962984)CRW_2239 (4239865)20101108_ECH_6797a20060930_KG0I7112 (68819061)The Israel Ballet KG0I9446 (42888081)20070915_KG0I0834 (85974892)20110226_ECH_1292Soul CRW_4623 (7586707)20060929_KG0I6394 (68396253)20060929_KG0I6538 (68396028)CRW_6818 (20596326)20071212_KG0I9821 (90335376)20080822_KG0I8118 (102813471)20080823_KG0I8889a (103044049)Airborne 20051210_KG0I1708 (54175862)Inbal Pinto 20060510_KG0I4433 (60646059)Israeli Flamenco KG0I0511 (42771882)KG0I0812 (49530834)

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Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. I didn't want to lose these precious comments.

ballet 05-Dec-2007 16:01
Very nice pictures. Unusual shots, great atmosphere is feeling from this photos.

robwooly 09-Jul-2007 07:14
Great work , and collection. Vote.

Svetlana Vasylyeva 26-Mar-2007 17:31
The most passionate galley I've seen here.
My vote and compliments

Stephen Keyes 18-Feb-2007 21:39
Elazar, you are the master, my friend. Such gorgeous work. Such a wonderful eye. Thanks for all you do for dance in our San Diego!

Barbara Read and Fred Schaad 05-Feb-2007 01:30
Excellent collection! V

Ohad.R 04-Feb-2007 11:44
great gallery, lloved the pics here
Ohad R

thechebb 02-Feb-2007 10:36
Fantastic...Everybody dance now comes to mind! Cheers & voted!

amber 02-Feb-2007 09:32
inspiring photos

henrywong 30-Jan-2007 09:43
Excelent collection, well done! Voted!

Wong Jia Wang 29-Jan-2007 11:03
Excellent fluidity & movement :)

Guest 28-Jan-2007 16:40
These images are absolutely stunning. Voted!!!
To view my work visit:

Tali Sapir 20-Jan-2007 12:09
Just like Manet, only in photography :)

photoman754 11-Oct-2006 18:00
Great collection of dance photos!

Emad Omar 08-Oct-2006 22:19
Bravo...this is really well done,

Luisa Migon 10-Jul-2006 02:09
This is magic!!!

Guest 22-Jun-2006 06:14
Your photography is amazing!!

Pete 19-May-2006 08:11
Quite Remarkable, your use of light is stunning

kyoung k kim 07-May-2006 01:12
Excellent gallery! beautiful.

Richard Calmes 01-Nov-2005 15:35
You have some outstanding shots here!

james2002 29-Oct-2005 01:03
Excellent gallery Elazar.

Phyllis Stewart 17-Oct-2005 05:26
Stunning, incredible photos! Got my vote! You are truly amazing!

Phil 09-Oct-2005 10:56
a wonderful collection

Paul Keates 01-Oct-2005 15:17
Exquisire Gallery......

Tomasz Dziubinski Photography 29-Sep-2005 15:17
Wonderful gallery :)

455 rocket 29-Sep-2005 12:37

Yi Feng 28-Sep-2005 21:46
Excellent dance gallery!

henrywong 28-Sep-2005 08:05
excellent !!!

Vivek SenGupta 28-Sep-2005 03:16
wow. captivating gallery.

Kees Terberg 27-Sep-2005 22:46
So much grace and perfect use of light, shapes, composition and the human form. A beautiful series that makes it diffult to pick a single image.... or one that is not quite as good. Perfection indeed.

antje kroeger photograpie 26-Sep-2005 14:49
great study of another art....

lorin niculae 25-Sep-2005 17:07
you have an imagistic treasure here, I know how hard is to achieve such quality. VOTED!!!!

Stephen Chan 25-Sep-2005 03:42
Very nice gallery. I like the moods. Voted.

dawn 25-Sep-2005 01:55
many wonderful images in difficult circumstances... congratulations!

Deepak 24-Sep-2005 07:31
This is an absolutely stunning gallery.I have to keep coming back to this.Thanks for sharing these.Wish I could vote 10 times over and more...for now will leave one.

salvo 06-Jul-2005 19:45
Outstanding. I love photography and I appreciate your excellence

EK Chua 23-Jun-2005 18:22
Simply.... WOW!
Great action shots capturing the grace and the spirit flawlessly!

Vikas Malhotra 08-Jun-2005 08:01
Incredible gallery. Cheers, Vikas

Guest 07-Jun-2005 23:12
Simply great!

cristin 06-Jun-2005 02:16
This is a WONDERFUL gallery. Usually dance photos (while they may be "good" photos) have not captured "good" technique. E.g., a bent leg where it's supposed to be straight, etc. But these--these are wonderful!!
Beautiful gallery.

Ken Myers 04-Jun-2005 15:56

Bill in Cincinnati 04-Jun-2005 06:28
Wonderful collection, very interesting variety, excellent timing and interpretation! Thank you and please - don't stop!

sevres babylone 05-Mar-2005 07:46
Amazing collection.

Guest 21-Feb-2005 07:08
great job

Mac 19-Feb-2005 23:58
Excellent images! one of the best collections I've seen on pbase! I love your images!A1 Mac UK

EB 16-Feb-2005 22:46
Wonderful! very artistic, full of movement and life. The the dancers' interpretation of the dance comes quite clear. (1vote4U)

PauloCGama 17-Dec-2004 02:42
awesome gallery!!

Eldar Kadymov 17-Dec-2004 01:56
Fantastic, very passionate and inspiring !

Enchantment Studio 08-Nov-2004 20:46
Wonderful collection of dancers, you seem to have a talent for capturing the true heart & Soul of the performance. Keep up the great work. you got my vote.

PauloCGama 26-Jul-2004 23:33
Awesome gallery. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

eddie 10-Jul-2004 02:32
SUPERB, Brilliant and colourful...

Hodero 08-Jul-2004 19:19
More then BEAUTIFUL ....congratulations,and thanks for sharing"H"

jennypogo 21-Feb-2004 09:45
What an exquisite gallery! Thank you for sharing!

KAI-WING LEUNG 06-Nov-2003 12:37
Very impressive shots!

Phyllis Stewart 05-Nov-2003 10:15
WOW! Beautiful photos and a wonderful presentation! Gets my vote for sure!
Phyllis :)

Wendy O 30-Oct-2003 01:43
I love this gallery!

Nelson Ricciardi 06-Oct-2003 06:59
You really know your stuff. Terrific quality. Congrats.

Robert Levy 07-Sep-2003 13:31
Excellent work here. I have also shot this subject and it is truly a difficult one to do well. You have done it. Congratualtions.

Dan Chusid 04-Sep-2003 19:00
Form, variety & color...it's all here! Wonderful stuff. - DC

Aurora Vanderbosch 24-Jul-2003 19:24
These are fantastic--and very inspiring! I am now very anxious to start doing dance photos--and you've set a very high standard for me to try to reach. Thanks for sharing these! :-)

Rahul Dutta 29-Jun-2003 03:16
nice job done on a very difficult subject

Shouchen Peng 09-May-2003 14:14
Excellent job on the dance shots! Well exposed and captured moments.