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Guestbook for Paintings
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. I didn't want to lose these precious comments.

Erica Buechner 22-Mar-2009 14:57
These are great Elazar! They definitely bring a different touch to your already amazing photography. I love dance duet 1, but perhaps that is a biased opinion. Always great to view your work!

Susan 18-Feb-2009 01:22
Dance duet is my favorite.

George Willis 30-Jan-2009 16:44
Dear Elazar:
You deserve a break. You are one of the hardest working artist around, but don't give up your Canon. My favorite is Dance Duet 1. I have been trying to learn PainterX, --still working on clouds.

adrea caren 30-Jan-2009 07:26
Pretty amazing! Your digitally altered photos look like Master Paintings! They are so close to some excellent painters work, that i feel like I have seen them before.
Personally, since I am not a Photographer but am an artist/painter, I feel the crisp sharpness of your photos reveal more about YOU,... the artists' eye and hand revealing that moment of contact with the depth of your subject and your emotional involvement and perceptive edititorial (story telling) that is communicated when you go "click".
I miss that personalization of your eye/heart/sensitivity the moment you made the choice to click and then share it with me.
I love your photos so much that I miss the sweet exactness of your insight of the moment. Many of your photo journeys have become my only intimate experience with your subject matter. After seeing those photos, I see more myself.
However, I must admit, the digital images do prove that your eye for composition and subject matter is excellent. These are very beautiful.
Keep being creative! It's fascinating! Maybe combine several photos into one, partially digital, partially real, (a'la David Hockney, to go to another world of story telling, revealing your composite insights.
Love, Adrea
P.S. Also want to add that the portrait of the old man with Baret looks absolutely fabulous as a painting!

Christine Sionne 30-Jan-2009 05:33
Elazar, I have missed seeing your images, however, the soft colors and textures of these digital paintings evoke different subtly changing moods as I click through the gallery, unlike the actual photographic images. Nice job. Can't wait to see what you come up with after some practice. Lovely!