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Guestbook for Black & White
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. Didn't want to lose these precious comments.

Marilyn 23-May-2009 17:35
Another amazing gallery from you. Each portrait an essence of the personality. V

Ornit Abiri 26-Mar-2009 05:27
Love your work, especially the portraiture stuff. beautiful gallery!

rayhaneh 13-Sep-2008 10:59
i loved your gallery

totalrussianpointe12 22-May-2008 00:18
i ahbsolutly luv the dancers it is ahmazing!

GeneWard 30-Jan-2008 00:12
this is a very impressive gallery. voted.

kimene 31-Dec-2007 02:57
Wow! Outstanding collection! VOTE

Colin Clarke 09-Sep-2007 02:09
Extensive, mixed subjects, and very well done. Good work!

SDsyndicate 08-Apr-2007 20:14
awesome gallery!!!

huanglei 09-Mar-2007 13:58
Excellent gallery.

Nélida Marcela Barrios 15-Jan-2007 16:12
Marvelous, marvelous im going to put you in my favorites

nordic 21-Nov-2006 18:59
Fabulous gallery!

enny jameson 18-Nov-2006 21:49
wonderful gallery,love it,v,

sophany 10-Nov-2006 21:12
this has got to be some of the best art i've seen thus far.

jando 04-Nov-2006 10:52
really well done black and white gallery. tones and pics are outstanding

Petros Labrakos 22-Oct-2006 07:15
interesting bw serries

Simon Mulvaney 08-Oct-2006 20:18
Amazing even at thumbnail size the shots are brilliant! well done great work

zyziza 16-Sep-2006 16:28
expression of human body and mind - in looking, in movement, in feelings - U`re the Great Observer. V

cristina ( Romania) 15-Sep-2006 13:58
beauty and simplicity

Magda Taha 16-Jul-2006 13:27
A wonderfull gallery .here is my adress I would appreciate visitting me

Guest 13-Jul-2006 08:00
Can you email me the options on how to layout your gallery like this? I think the photos and layout are very artistic and professional.

[email protected]

megan 29-May-2006 13:13
im only 13 but i love the gallery because it has some great pieces of dancers that are fantastic and moving x

Eyecatcher 18-May-2006 20:42
Very, very nice gallery of outstanding quality. Moving phootgraphy.

kyoung k kim 08-May-2006 20:46
beautiful gallery!

Tony Yong 25-Apr-2006 05:46
Hi Elazar,
You have developed a very rich and beautiful gallery. I love those b/w portraits, which are artistic and timeless. Thank you for sharing those photos with us.

nacho_lopez 15-Apr-2006 19:56
Just a wonderful work
Best regards from Spain

Enzo Priore 10-Apr-2006 08:48
beautiful gallery
G.Pietro Munaretto 21-Mar-2006 15:51

Guest 17-Mar-2006 18:23
Great stuff. But watch, I think you are burning out your highlights in your digital presentations.

R.Moreno 11-Feb-2006 10:40
Some outstanding pictures. Voted!!

Vijay Kurhade 11-Feb-2006 09:32
Its black, Its white
keep shooting

Richard Calmes 31-Jan-2006 17:37
Beautiful work! Each shot has a special quality! V

Guest 31-Jan-2006 15:36
Great. Keeping it simple in the best of ways. You get it.
shatterbug 30-Jan-2006 00:42
Great gallery! Vote.

EB 26-Jan-2006 19:00
WOW! These are great :) When i have more time, i'll lok at every picture individually :)
Great work!

Ilkan 21-Jan-2006 20:48
i dont no, sorry..
Ich finde deine fotos alle Super, selam.

Rodney Steele 01-Jan-2006 02:04
This is a remarkable gallery, truly wonderful! Rodney

adamantski 25-Dec-2005 00:14
Excellent monochrome gallery Elazar. Voted. Regards, Adam

masimo 16-Dec-2005 02:16
You have really dialed in your ability to communicate through the image. I loved many of the images and while my comments are more emotional than technical I think you have done an excellent job of melding the two so the the emotional comes through your technical abilities.

Anne Young 12-Oct-2005 23:38
Beautiful work!!

Peter 02-Oct-2005 20:20
Terrific collection of portraits! Great quality. I would like the chance to shoot pictures like this one day.

Michele 23-Sep-2005 17:50
Fabulous subjects beautifully photographed.

Kimberley Hannaman Taylor 14-Sep-2005 16:23
Fabulous gallery; you have a true gift for portraiture. Are you affiliated with the theater or a circus? The characters are so interesting! Voted.
K in Vermont

feedphoto 13-Sep-2005 11:28
excellent gallery

blinds 02-Sep-2005 11:18
Compliment, excelent work. I love your potraits

dfernandez 27-Aug-2005 10:45
This gallery is simply incredible. All I can say is you have here some of the most beautiful portraits in black and white I have ever seen. All of them are incredibly full of expression.
Fantastic. Congratulations, sincerely.

James G. 21-Jul-2005 18:38
Wow, I usually have insightful comments, but for once I am speechless. Extremely moving gallery. I found myself lost in the photos more then once. Great work!!

lorand 15-Jul-2005 21:24
The photos in this gallery are absolutely beautiful.

Elise Hope 06-Jul-2005 21:46
Just great! Is by far one of the best B&W galleries. Thank you for sharing and if you would like to see it I have also a B&W gallery called Gray tones!

Jim Cochran 06-Jul-2005 12:55
A spectacular gallery!

Pepe Zyman 01-Jul-2005 02:15
Excellent Gallery, Congratulations!

Vittorio De Martino 23-Jun-2005 14:26
Fantastic B.N!voted.

Donald Verger 09-Jun-2005 17:59
a glorious gallery! voted! ps Elazar could you wrtie me a bit about... i am intersted in doing some b and white... i have been inspired and enjoyed your work, and did b-w decades ago... and just met an old high school friend who has been dong b-w all these years... i have a nikon 8800- should i shoot in color or black and white setting, id prefer color so i might have both choices. and i dont use ps yet, but have a mac and can push a button and get b-w from my color images... i have a gallery caller and whites... that were color first and then i pushed the button in iphoto the mac program... thanks a lot don

Remi Aerts 08-Jun-2005 05:39
wonderful b&w portraits
my congratulation

Igor Polotsky 26-May-2005 02:09
Grate and wonderful gallery.

Mae Bagadiong 05-May-2005 06:52
Very expressive images.
You captured the feeling... the richness of the moment...

Donna DeTienne-Martinez 02-May-2005 13:49
Nice BW tones and lighting.

Regis from France 28-Apr-2005 10:35
The perfection !!!!!

Maia 26-Apr-2005 00:24
Simply beautiful. The way each expression was captured at the exact moment.

Erik van den Elsen 19-Apr-2005 09:55
Very good capture of the characters, magnificent image quality! Simply Beautiful! Erik van den Elsen

ahmadkhatiri 13-Apr-2005 05:34
oh its very nise im love in photo's black & white and you very good photograohy
i'd like more photo your work

nige50 10-Apr-2005 20:56

audra baecker 03-Apr-2005 03:40
Very Nice Gallery.

Lydia Sanderson 28-Mar-2005 13:32
These are sooo original. The D60 still lives, in the right hands. Thanks ! Lydia

Ron Lutz II 25-Mar-2005 14:22

Dougie Young 25-Mar-2005 11:39
Fantastic fotos, gets my vote. Thanks for sharing your thought provoking and inspirational work Dougie Young

j.Vigliotta 22-Mar-2005 18:37
black and white done proud.

Rob Oele 22-Mar-2005 11:34
Very tasteful and exquisite gallery.

Galina Stepanova 21-Mar-2005 19:47
Exceptional highest quality portraiture, great style in B&W!
Bravo, photographer!

John Hastings 18-Mar-2005 12:44
Sorry I missed this wonderful work first time around – vote!

antje kroeger photograpie 18-Mar-2005 12:03
love this gallery.

Dan Chusid 29-Mar-2004 02:04
Another great assemblage and shows the interplay between lenses and faces. - DC

Fred 28-Oct-2003 16:26
Your best one from where I'm standing.
- Portugal is very rich in all of the themes you have in these galleries, so I would really love to see some of your work done here. Sincerely hope you get that chance. -
Thanks a million for loving photografy,