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Guestbook for Beards
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. I didn't want to lose these precious comments.

houseofcors 14-Aug-2007 20:23
Great theme and portraits. Lots of character and characters here. Thanks for the creativity and smiles from a potential subject.

enny jameson 12-Aug-2007 19:04
love beards, excellent, funny work.

Slava Risenberg 17-Jan-2007 16:48
Lovely gallery!

Oregon123 01-Jul-2005 20:39
Very Entertaining, nice gallery!

Pat 18-Jan-2005 22:53
Loved the neatly trimmed and diverse styles of beards...Great pics!

Donna 09-Oct-2003 04:33
Who wants "regular guys" when there is such beautiful diversity on this earth. You can see regular guys all the time. Look at my huuband. No women with beards??? Just kidding.

Dan Chusid 04-Sep-2003 18:58
Fun self-assignment. - DC

Omayok 10-Aug-2003 11:39
Original, fabulous, funny, wonderful work !

shellcozen@hotmail. com 02-Aug-2003 23:22
Excellent. However, I would have liked to see more regular guys with regular beards.