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Guestbook for Carpinteria
cathy jo(non-registered)
The shots are excellent, my fave is the bird w/ orange toes and feeties.
adrea caren(non-registered)
Oh my God! ***********FANTASTIC**************** PHOTOS! I've been in Carpinteria a long time and seen so many people's photos, but none of them are like yours! You have a great discerning eye, seeing what is beautiful and focusing 0n the ordinary, then transcending it's ordinary-ness into a glipse of the extraordinary.
You are such a genius, Elizar.
I have seen your subjects with my eyes and soul, but now, for the first time, I have shared them from my experience with your soul, and you have put them up for the world to see too.
Thank you so much for sharing with us.
If everyone saw these little things of nature, and gloried in them, there would be no war.
Fabulous photos!