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Guestbook for Characters
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. I didn't want to lose these precious comments.

shatterbug 21-May-2009 05:19
What a diverse and interesting cast of characters in this gallery...terrific portraiture!

Rosemarie Kusserow 19-Dec-2008 07:52
Amazing gallery, it was a great plesure to view at this gallery, great findings and so very well composed, big vote, it need mor time to enjoy your works, I put you to my favorities to come back soon, thanks for posting, I´m glad to find you here on pbase, regards, Rosemarie :o)

william mahan 02-Oct-2007 02:35
Amazingly well done and diverse gallery. You really have the eye for this...Keep'm coming!!

adrea caren 08-Aug-2007 05:32
Your photos bring the world into my life.
They bring me beauty, thoughtfulness and insight.
Thank you for sharing your great enormous gifts,
not to mention skill and intellectual photographic storeytelling.

DC Witmer 14-Feb-2007 21:20
very diverse collection of expression
well done

David P Mc Call 19-Oct-2006 22:37
You are a Master Photographer!!!
The finest portrait gallery I've seen yet!!!
David P Mc Call

orsolino 11-Aug-2006 11:12
Probably the finest portrait gallery I have seen. Thank you for sharing

raymond ker 19-Jun-2006 20:39
An amazing gallery of powerfully unique characters.
Pity that the one behind the camera is omitted.
Voted !!

Phyllis Stewart 17-Oct-2005 05:24
Fabulous collection!

Claudia 08-Jul-2005 19:02
I just discovered your work. Wow, you really capture people well. So glad you discovered your talent. Keep it up.

Frank 28-Jun-2005 16:36
If the essence of photography is to capture "a" or "the moment", you have a marveloue talent for doing just that. Absolutely wonderful.

Bill Margeson 20-Jun-2005 16:32
These are some of the VERY best pictures I've seen on PBase. Fabulous work!!!

Ronald Johnson 20-Jun-2005 04:56
I voted! These images are more 'studies' rather than portraits. I love the cropping and lighting. You've really captured interesting people and situations. Great!

Franz Bauer 25-Mar-2004 11:39
Very humorous portraets.I enjoyed it to go through,sometimes with a inner laughing.

Yuriy Stul 22-Mar-2004 19:46
Great gallery! Thanks for sharing

MN Fornis 20-Mar-2004 05:09
These are very nice shots. CRW_1583 is my favorite!

Dave Deacon 15-Mar-2004 13:16
Great gallery. Some lovely ladies. All well shot. That 'aged' D60 seems to do rather well.

Anabela Gabriel-Astrom 29-Feb-2004 19:38
Where are all thse people???????
All the ones I see are just boring
our work is amazing, congratulations!

Jeff Gegner 25-Feb-2004 19:59
I almost didn't click on this gallery. I would have really missed out on a wonderful collection. You have captured people from hardcore to hardly aware--excellent work.

Ray :) 20-Jan-2004 13:04
What a great selection of fun people. Just started out on the candid road myself. ~~~Ray.
Take a look! .

Steve imber 18-Jan-2004 20:03
stunning portraits - congratulations

Alon Brik 07-Jan-2004 21:29
what a great gallery! WOW! I love your characters! great!!!!!!!!

Lisa Haskins 31-Dec-2003 11:38
Wonderful portrait work, just fantastic!

Phyllis Stewart 31-Dec-2003 08:56
What a magnificent people gallery!

Angel G. Molero 25-Sep-2003 13:33
Exceptional gallery. Really very interesting. Certainly you are very good with portraits, I believe that I am going to learn a lot with your gallery
Thank you for sharing it

Rahul Dutta 29-Jun-2003 03:14
amazing stuff :)

Cor Oldenburg 03-Jun-2003 09:06
Love it !!!!!

Ken Zheng 06-Mar-2003 14:00
I love it - wonderful collection of street candid shots!

aoxomoxoa 24-Jan-2003 09:41
as the little prince said: one can only see with the heart...

bob reynolds 23-Jan-2003 01:53
Terrific collection of characters. Perfect title for the gallery. Every one of these faces is full of character and expression. Excellent work! - Bob

Doris Baillet 22-Jan-2003 10:09
Retratos muy elocuentes.Gracias.

Wendy O 21-Jan-2003 06:36
Wonderful gallery, great faces!