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Guestbook for Costumes
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. I didn't want to lose these precious comments.

Guest 29-May-2008 16:19
beautifull colorful gallerie
i did not look at all of the photos here but the what i have seen thay are realy great work.

POMAH 13-Aug-2006 06:02
This is one astounding gallery!

PauloCGama 15-Feb-2005 22:24
outstanding gallery!! thanks for sharing. cheers

Trevor Edwards 20-Jan-2005 15:53
Colourful and full of life. Thank you.

antidote3 11-Jan-2005 06:38
An outstanding array of images of costumes and portraits.

Dave Deacon 15-Mar-2004 13:13
Excellent gallery. I like the colours, the poses, the fun and some of the ladies' smiles are beautiful.

Robert Stuart Davies 22-Jan-2004 10:37
An outstanding collection of costumes, people, colour. I have browsed down through many and I would say that your compositions and portrayals are excellent without doubt.
How do you get opportunities like this! ;-))) ...Fantastic work and without a thought gets my vote!
Regards Rob

tglass 17-Jan-2004 02:54
This is my favorite portrait gallery on Pbase. I hope you continue to add to it!

amuz 10-Jan-2004 00:03
This is a beautiful series of portraits.
You had colourful, unique and unusual subjects and made the most of it.
You seem to have made a personal connection with most of the subjects, or you were part of the gathering.
They all appear to have been shot at the same event, what and where is this place ?