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CRW_2134bw (31787339)CRW_1356 (22228192)CRW_4489 (24424585)Smoking Freckles CRW_7911 (27381975)20080928_KG0I3367 (104538996)CRW_3269 (32128992)CRW_3506 (17432607)Waiting by the Window KG0I9774 (42881749)Jeans in a Profile View 20070414_KG0I7235 (78671303)20080823_KG0I8889a (103044049)CRW_4624 (18546064)CRW_9417 (28720095)Eyeglasses make a Woman 20080107_KG0I2027 (92116259)20060428_KG0I3390 (59769330)Hawk 20070525_KG0I1489 (80649898)KG0I0079 (42771856)KG0I0389 (42771874)KG0I0421 (42771877)KG0I1309 (35039476)KG0I5544bw (47131247)

Guestbook for Profiles
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. I didn't want to lose these precious comments.

Rosemarie Kusserow 11-Sep-2009 20:42
Outstanding gallery Elazar, I enjoyed every image, I´ve never seen such an interesting and wonderful profiles gallery, I like it a lit, especially the mix with the animal profiles,
Rosemarie :o) vVv

Oscar 19-May-2005 04:26

Oleg Chermoshniuk 09-Mar-2005 07:58
Wow, so many profiles - and every single last of them is very well seen and beautifully captured. Love your work !

Keith Carey 17-Dec-2004 05:59
Great theme. Love the diversity with your characters.