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Bobbin Lace Maker 20080505_KG0I0793 (97494891)Barber in Waiting KG0I1697 (50696928)San Francisco CRW_0269 (21793660)20110511_ECH_3727CRW_7875 (27375508)Character 20071003_KG0I3499 (88229168)20110501_ECH_3542Beer Belly 20080503_KG0I0356 (97494795)20110511_ECH_3752aCleveland 1434 (15519718)CRW_2470 (4730414)CRW_5252 (25373719)KG0I1584 (50696907)Lovers in Mexico KG0I2144 (50696959)Italian Woman 20071006_KG0I3786 (88621767)Morning Sweep 20080505_KG0I0742 (97494883)Old Welcoming New KG0I1724 (35096262)On the Street 20071015_KG0I4632 (89298948)Peos 20071003_KG0I3381 (88229143)San Francisco 0258 (21818508)

Guestbook for On the Street
Elazar Harel Photography
The notes below were transferred from my old photography website. Didn't want to lose these precious comments.

Alicewonderland 02-Nov-2007 20:19
Inspirational and beautiful.

EK Chua 20-Jul-2005 11:01
Fantastic! Great portriats and captures.
Excellent work. Voted.

Pedro Correia 29-Apr-2005 20:40
Nice shoots.

nige50 18-Apr-2005 19:31
this set is even better ,, really cool the way you photographed them and they don't notice you ,,

Koray Mutlu 22-Mar-2004 00:41
exciting shoots.
i thing you have got a lot fire for photographing.
nice to share.

Dan Chusid 07-Mar-2004 02:12
Great collection Elazar. Lot's of faves in here. Still up for Baja? Regards, - Dan

sefi nakar 14-Sep-2003 16:39
Liked your "ppl on the strret" gallery.

Zevs 05-Aug-2003 18:40
Love your street gallery, just as Sheila I'm a lover of this special trade. You got some very good ones here, so full of life and such good quality too! Thanks for letting us see them! /Zevs

Sheila Smart 23-Jul-2003 00:11
Its not often I go through galleries one image at a time but yours was certainly worth the journey and the time. Congratulations from one "street" photographer to another! We have a similar history - I went from the G2 to the D60 and have never looked back. You really should post on Fred Miranda's site - nothing like a good bit of competition!

josey li 03-Jun-2003 01:45
smart! excellent works.they are close life an nature.i like them very much.
[email protected]

Shouchen Peng 09-May-2003 14:09
Great collection, well done, and I enjoy it very much!

Jeff L Knapp 27-Apr-2003 17:36
good job. very interesting photos. good subject and lighting.
excellent work. beautiful colors.